Yahyahyah is a nick combining 3 names of her Sister, her late Mum and her name. So her name or surname is not Yahyahyah by default but Liyanah Md Ali.  She was born and educated in Singapore and has 2 girls aged 5 and 7. Year 2018, they are now Aged 8 and 10.

Before immersing herself into the astounding world of online business, she has the privilege of working in the Oil and Gas Industry for over 8 years before retiring at the peak of her career to spend time to nurture the 2 girls before the “lost years” with them caught up to her with big regrets. 

During this time, she rediscovered her love for online shopping, constantly on the lookout for Great Items and Wonderful Products.

You may like to try her Magic Hands to give you a Whole Body Traditional Javanese Massage for a Refreshing Treat (Only For Ladies).

For any enquiries, please feel to contact us anytime. 

Founder 2014


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